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PIC Insurance Brokers has been 100% New Zealand owned since we were founded in the 1980s. Our experienced brokers have access to many providers in the insurance market, giving us the independence to provide insurance solutions that are tailored to you. We’ll take the time to understand your insurance needs and the events that could affect your life. At claim time we’re there for you, guiding you along every step and handling the discussion with the insurance company. With offices throughout New Zealand, we pride ourselves on building strong relationships through quality service.

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Valuing strong presence in the community

We are passionate about seeing our communities thrive through our sponsorships, partnerships and employment opportunities. We are proud to partner with a number of local community groups and pride ourselves in creating opportunities for New Zealanders.

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Client Testimonials

After facing a variety of technical challenges, Lynda and the client she was working with had to relocate to our Takapuna office to complete the sign-up process. After a few more problems were sorted out, they got it done. To say thanks for persisting, Lynda wanted to give the client a small token of appreciation. Knowing a bottle of wine wasn’t the way to go on this occasion, she asked if there was anything else they might like.

“Thank you so much for thinking about me. I really appreciate it. Honestly, I don’t need anything. The only thing that I wanted was a good insurance cover and you already provided me that, so it’s more than enough for me. Thanks so much for meeting in person last week. I didn’t tell you last time but there was a specific reason why I like meeting people in person rather than meeting them online. The real reason is trust. I could have got the insurance online as well but I wanted to know if I could trust someone to go the extra mile for me if I ever feel the need to claim the insurance. For me choosing the right advisor was more important than the insurance. My ideology was to get the right advisor, and then that person will lead me to the right insurance coverage. I am so happy that I met you, someone I can trust as it is very hard to find trustworthy people these days.”

Family with Trauma Insurance