Professional Insurance

Running your own business can be a major challenge. Having professional insurance lets you get on with what you do best

The People

Here we focus on the most important things in your business, you and your staff. They are the key to your success to date and into the future. Often called ‘human capital “or “intellectual capital” their skill, knowledge, attitude and expertise are a big part of what makes an enterprise successful.

Who are the people that are crucial to the ongoing success of your enterprises, the key people in your organisation? Imagine the future without those individuals contributing to your success. If the death or incapacity of a key staff member, director, officer or shareholder could negatively impact income or profitability, then that risk should be identified, mitigated and transferred to an insurer.

Loss of a Shareholder

The loss of a shareholder though death or disablement can cause serious financial stress to the remaining shareholders as they look to raise the funds necessary to purchase those shares. Especially if the surviving beneficiaries do not share the company’s vision or require that the shares be liquidated. In tandem with a signed “Buy-Sell Agreement” shareholder protection is vital if the shares are not to be sold to a third party, perhaps even a rival company.

Apart from illness, accident or death, other risks to you and your people arise from their legal obligations and duties while carrying out their work either as employees, officers or directors.

PIC Insurance Brokers have access to a comprehensive range of insurance products. We can specifically tailor these products to your unique requirements and circumstances.

If any of the following are relevant to the continued success of your enterprise and indeed a surety of its success to date, then make PIC Insurance Brokers part of your professional management team.  Speak to a experienced Broker today