Commercial Marine

PIC Marine Insurance: A specialist broker in a specialised industry


PIC Marine has a wide range of expertise in the commercial marine sector enabling us to be highly responsive in meeting our customers’ demands. We offer informed insurance solutions to all areas of the marine sector, tailor making products to meet the requirements of our customers. Our strong experienced team is passionate about marine insurance and highly skilled in their technical abilities providing the best in marine insurance solutions. We are proud to be able to provide a fast, knowledgeable and authoritative response.

Below is a list of insurance covers available:


Commercial Hull

Any vessel used to convey passengers, transport cargo, or used in a commercial capacity should be insured under a policy specifically designed for this type of risk. Whether your operations involve; Ferries, Barges, Floating Cranes, Marine Farm service craft or Tourist operations, PIC Insurance Brokers has access to a wide range of contracts suitable to your unique requirements.



Imports, exports or around New Zealand, whether by road, rail, sea and air the correct type of insurance is essential. The Terms of Trade determine when the risk of damage to the goods transfers between the parties. Clients need to be critically aware of at what point they become liable for any losses and insure accordingly. The Law of General Average can impose financial liabilities on cargo owners even when their goods suffer no damage at all. The loss of goods being imported or exported can also mean that the anticipated profit or marketing costs that have already been expended are lost. Shipping companies may also hold you liable for damage caused to their containers. A comprehensive solution to the protection of your products or plant under afreightment can be arranged by our specialists.


Carriers Liability

The Carriage of Goods Act 1979 imposes strict liability for damage to goods carried within New Zealand. The defences to liability are very limited. An amendment to this act in 2013 increased the limit per unit to $2,000. There is no limiting factor relating to the number of units so, when carrying goods for others, especially if they are not presented as containerized units then one’s cumulative liability can be very high. If you are carrying goods belonging to someone else a discussion with our Marine Team is essential.


Charterer’s legal Liability

When chartering a vessel the owner’s insurance may not extend to cover you for the damage and liabilities caused by or incurred by you. Always discuss the terms of any charter agreement with our insurance experts and ensure that you are fully protected.


Freight Forwarders Liability

Any organisation operating as a Freight Forwarder faces a bewildering array of laws, rules, conventions, contracts and conventions. Coupled with the vagaries of transport systems, the weather, customer’s requirements and product handling, the risks of an error, omission or accident are significant. PIC Insurance Brokers have access to insurance solutions especially designed for your unique occupation.


Ship Repairers Liability

A standard General or Public Liability policy often excludes liability for work on marine craft. Especially if they are over a specific size. From one person operations providing minor maintenance, servicing and installation work to specialist marine service, engineering, electronic or refitting companies and industries, we have the expertise to source and provide you with the best Marine Liability policies.


Protection and Indemnity

This is often referred to as “P & I” and offers protection to ship-owners, operators and charterers for third party liabilities arising from commercial vessels. This might include, fines and penalties, diversions, pollution, wreck removal, damage to docks and crew repatriation. Although often available via P & I Clubs we can source alternative solutions to  liability risks relating to the operation of almost any commercial vessel.


Vessel Construction

Vessels under construction present a unique range of risks, from: materials delivery, offsite storage/manufacture of components, launching, testing and commissioning and sea trials. If it is a commercial vessel there could also be consequential losses arising from contractual delivery deadlines and missed cargo schedules. For any new vessel build talk to our Marine Team.

Marina Operators

Usually dealt with under a “packaged policy” covering liabilities, piers and pontoons, loss of profits and incidental operations such as boat stacks, launch and retrieval and pollution costs. Our experience in this specialist area means that we know which Insurers and policies will be suitable to your specific operations.


Port Operations

The Assets of a Port Operator are often unique and difficult to replace. Consequential losses arising from their loss or damage will always be significant both in terms of value and duration. An appropriate insurance programme should be arranged after a full risk assessment and evaluation and effective mitigation protocols put in place. This will include all liability exposures. PIC Insurance Brokers can advise on a fully integrated approach to the risks confronting Port Operators.