Life Insurance

We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan. So why take a risk with your life & dependents by failing to have life insurance?


At PIC Insurance Brokers, unlike the majority of broking houses in New Zealand, we approach the provision of providing quality advice to individuals and families differently.  Brokers at PIC Insurance Brokers are all salaried employees, not commissioned and therefore we offer a more consultative approach, its not about the sale, its about finding the right solution.

Our brokers are all vastly experienced and have a detailed knowledge of all the major offerings of all the A rated insurers.  This experience is critical as there are significant differences from policy to policy.


Our experienced brokers can discuss with you;


Life Insurance

Life cover pays a lump sum of money if you pass away or become terminally ill.  Life Cover is designed to help your family to pay costs that you would have helped with if you were still alive.

Life Cover is mostly used for;

  • Paying off the mortgage
  • Providing future financial support for their children
  • Paying extra income for the family or contributing to their spouses retirement fund
  • Paying for childcare support if the person that passed away was the primary caregiver

Life Insurance is an essential part of your financial planning.


Income Protection Insurance

Income Protection Cover pays you a regular monthly payment if you’re unable to work temporarily or permanently because you are sick or injured.  This cover is designed to provide you with money to live on while you’re not receiving your salary or wages.

We will pay you until you can return to work or reach the payment period on your policy which could be age of 70.


Critical Illness & Trauma Insurance

We all like to think we are bullet proof, but the truth is we do all get sick, have accidents and get older. Many New Zealanders are disabled by the same medical conditions – heart attacks, strokes and cancer kill nearly two-thirds of all New Zealanders.

Trauma cover pays a benefit if you are diagnosed with a critical illness or major trauma. With this benefit you could reduce or eliminate your debt, offset any losses in your future income, or create a cash reserve.


Permanent Disability

What would happen if you could never work again?

If your career finishes suddenly, long before you expected, it doesn’t necessarily follow that your life will. If this happened, you could use a permanent disability benefit to pay off debt, complete your pension or retirement plans, or create a cash reserve.

Is your life worth insuring?

New Zealanders place more value on their house and car than they do health and family if current insurance trends are anything to go by.

The latest available statistics from 2012 showed 95 per cent of New Zealanders’ insured their homes and cars but only 57 per cent insured their lives, and just 20 per cent had income protection insurance.

Today New Zealanders continue to take a gamble in health, life and income protection insurance, industry experts say.

The Financial Services Council of New Zealand (FSC), which represents life and income protection insurance companies, said this was because people did not know how much insurance they needed, or were not confident about making a purchase.

Source: (26/3/2014)


Each year 54,800 Kiwi households experience a sickness that keeps a household member out of work for three months or more.

Find out more about Income Protection Insurance and protecting your family in case of illness.