Contents Insurance

You can’t predict what might happen to your home contents at any time.  Get home contents insurance to ensure you’re not left out of pocket!


Often thought of as “our Possessions” the contents of our homes have often been accumulated over a long period and some of it is of course irreplaceable. For the items that can be replaced or of a monetary value there is Insurance. From accidental breakage through to a flood, theft, burglary or a catastrophic loss such as a fire or earthquake our possessions are always at risk.


Always plan for the “worst case scenarios “ and ensure you have adequate cover for these. Be aware of the limits on the policy for certain items. E.g. bicycles  and watercraft.  If you have items that are especially valuable such as jewelry or watches make sure they are “specified“ on your policy and keep  valuations up to date.


PIC Insurance Brokers has designed a premier Home Contents policy; underwritten by leading New Zealand insurers; to ensure the widest scope of cover, specifically for our clients. Combine this with our superior claims advocacy and rapid claims service and you can be assured your possessions are well protected.