House, Contents, Car & Boat Insurance

Damage to your personal assets can happen at any time!  PIC Insurance Brokers has been insuring peoples valuable assets for many years through our dedicated domestic insurance team.


Our recognised expertise in this area has enabled us to provide a unique PIC specific domestic product backed by the two largest Insurance Companies in New Zealand, NZI & Vero Insurance.  Our domestic insurance solution has been tailored to both meet the specific features of NZ homes with competitive premiums.  The unique features of our domestic insurance solution includes;

  • A premium policy that offers comprehensive cover
  • A flexible policy that is tailored to the clients needs

What we offer?

PIC Insurance Brokers can provide insurance for the following areas;


Did you know?

The most common causes of house fires happen when you are drinking and cooking, or you have faulty appliances or electrical wiring, items too close to a heater, and smoking.  25% of house fires start in the kitchen.

Make sure you have smoke alarms installed and that are working properly.