Commercial Motor


Commercial Motor Insurance encompasses the broadest range of self-propelled vehicles used for business. From mobile cranes, long haul trucks, delivery vans, Utilities, station wagons, SUV’s and sedans. All represent a considerable investment in the operational and/or sales part of a business. Protecting that investment and the liabilities that arise from their use is where Commercial Motor insurance delivers.


Because your commercial vehicles are vital to your business we source the most appropriate cover with the best Insurers to cater to your unique circumstances.


Theft or damage, it is important that the financial consequences to you are kept to a minimum. Likewise liability for damage to third party vehicles or property can also be financially significant and are covered under the Third Party section of Commercial Motor Insurance policies.


For information on the dos and don’ts when involved in an accident please refer to our brochure, PIC Accident Glove Guide. Alternatively print off copies, and distribute to your staff. Keep one in your Glove Compartment.


Contact one of our experienced Commercial Brokers to find out more about Commercial Motor policies.



Did you know?

The Ford Ranger regained its position as the monthly top selling commercial model for year to date, the Toyota Hilux was the second best seller, followed by the Holden Colorado.

Source: – July 2016