Travel Insurance

Going overseas without travel insurance can be risky. Avoid astronomical medical costs or the risk of being stranded a long way from home.


Planning to go overseas? If so, travel insurance is a real must. Whether you are on your Gap Year, on a long or short term overseas work assignment, or simply looking at an overseas holiday you need a travel insurance policy that will meet your particular needs and PIC Insurance Brokers will help you arrange this.

We cover three types of travel insurance:

  • Leisure Travel

  • Business Travel

  • Specialist Travel


Leisure Travel*

Thinking of going on holiday?

Travelling without insurance is a very great risk. Your trip could be ruined by lost luggage, cancelled flights, an accident or illness.  With the right travel insurance cover you’ll be able to truly relax and enjoy your holiday, knowing that you are covered should something unexpected happen while you’re abroad.

* Personal or Leisure Travel Insurance is available to our current clients only.

Business Travel

Do you or your employees travel for business?

Business travel is vital to you, the opportunities, the building of relationships; acquiring new knowledge. Unexpected events or illness and the costs that could arise can have a serious impact on the success of the journey. PIC Insurance Brokers offer policies with an extensive range of benefits covering; medical and repatriation costs, personal liability, replacement staff, loss of luggage, business materials and equipment, rental vehicle excesses and other travel-related events to keep your mind at ease.

Specialist Travel

Pro Sports / High Risk Activities

Professional sports and high risk activities (e.g. off-piste skiing, mountain climbing, competitive rodeo, blue water sailing: to name a few) are often excluded from standard travel insurance policies.

If you are intending to do something more adventurous than standard tourist activities, or you are a professional sportsperson competing overseas we can provide a Sports Travel insurance policy tailored specifically to meet your requirements.

Did you know?

Winter is traditionally the busiest time of the year for international travel – with Kiwis travelling abroad in search of sun. Figures from Statistics New Zealand show that of the 2.24 million overseas trips were taken in the June 2014 year.

Over half of all trips by NZ residents were to Australia, the next most visited destinations were the United States, Fiji, the United Kingdom, China and the Cook Islands.

Source: Statistics NZ website