Health Insurance

PIC Insurance Brokers have been helping New Zealand residents to be proactive about looking after their health for the last 25 years.


PIC Insurance Brokers has long understood the value of keeping healthy.  Whilst we are blessed with a great public health system, for those who need to gain immediate access to consultants, get some tests done or require elective surgery need to consider health insurance as the vehicle to deliver this.


Six Good Reasons to have Health Insurance:

  • Protect your health and the health of your loved ones
  • Freedom to select the best specialist and hospital in New Zealand
  • Avoid long waiting lists to receive treatment
  • Access to the latest medical procedures and technology
  • No need to worry about large medical bills
  • No guarantee ACC will provide full accident cover

NZ Health Statistics

  • Over three million New Zealanders visited a GP in the past year, 75% of adults and 78% of children visited their GP.
  • Children are more likely than adults to visit dental health care workers; 81% of children and only 47% of adults visited the dentist.
Source: NZ Health Survey Key Findings 2012/13

Recent news

Twenty years ago, health policies involved much more “dollar swapping” with people making claims to cover prescription charges.  These days people generally have policies covering surgical, specialist and hospital cover.  This means fewer individual claims per policyholder, with the claims now being for the big ticket items like hip operations.

Source:, Rob Stock 20/7/2014