understanding insurance

Understanding Insurance – What’s the Risk?

Life is full of risks. We’re aware of some of those risks and ignore others. We spend lots of time focusing on certain types of risks, such as a new marketing campaign, changing suppliers and altering our business strategies. These risks hold our attention because we have a degree of control over them – our…

business insurance

Business Insurance – How to Get Started?

Business owners understand that personal and business insurance provides them with long-term protection. It’s a small cost to provide a large cover when something goes wrong and it is a smart strategy. But if either your business or personal insurance is poorly structured, it can be an unnecessarily large expense – inhibiting your ability to…

Insurance card

Playing the Insurance Card

For many people, insurance seems a lot like gambling. After all, it can feel like taking out insurance is simply betting that an unforeseen event will happen. Equally, not taking out insurance is a bet that disastrous incidents will not occur. There are even people who refuse to take out insurance because in their minds…


Don’t let your business fall short

When you come right down to it, there is an inherent risk in every action that we perform on any given day. Risk is a natural part of our world and it most certainly is a natural part of the business world. Entrepreneurs and business tycoons are said to be ‘risk takers’ and have a…


Are you covered for a meth problem in your tenanted property?

Are you covered for a meth problem in your tenanted property? Recent media reports are stating that P contamination in homes could rival the leaky homes disaster.  The New Zealand Herald is reporting homeowners are currently forking out millions of dollars to decontaminate P-riddled properties.  Although the media is reporting the number of Housing NZ…


Avoid an Insurance Claim this summer holiday

With the summer holiday’s fast approaching it is an excellent time to check your doors, windows and locks and look at ways to prevent an insurance claim.  Many burglars who break into houses don’t actually break in – they enter through unlocked doors and windows. The Insurance Council of NZ reported that this year there were…


Is your home properly insured?

At the recent Insurance Council (ICNZ) conference EQC Minister Gerry Brownlee voiced his opinion about the level of understanding amongst homeowners about the move to sum insured as opposed to replacement value. More importantly he stated the important role insurance brokers have in helping buyers to make good decisions.” While he praised the many good…


Cancer – what is the cost of life?

Have you been keeping up to date with the NZ Herald series this week on: Cancer – the cost of life? According to The NZ Cancer Society 60 people are diagnosed with cancer every day. Those who are currently diagnosed with Cancer, and requiring the non-funded medications to keep them alive, are having to resort…


Life Insurance is important, even if you are single.

Life insurance is not usually something single people without children or a house ever think about.  Increasingly this section of society are exploring life insurance and other form as personal risk, especially those who have gone through tertiary education and have large education debt that will take a number of years when in full employment…