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Travel Insurance

Going overseas without travel insurance can be risky. Avoid astronomical medical costs or the risk of being stranded a long way from home

Planning to go overseas? If so, travel insurance is a real must. Your health is the most important thing to safeguard when you are travelling. Suffering an illness or injury when you are far from home can be a traumatic experience – having to pay the financial cost of large hospital or medical evacuation bills can be devastating. Whether you are on your Gap Year; on a long term overseas work assignment; or simply looking at an overseas holiday you need a travel insurance policy that will meet your particular needs and PIC Insurance Brokers can help you arrange this. Travel Insurance

We cover three types of travel insurance:

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Personal Travel Insurance

Thinking of going on holiday?

New Zealanders love to travel. We often forget the cost of overseas medical attention or the cost of loosing our personal luggage. The following are just a couple of examples that show just how quickly costs can escalate.

  • The eruption of Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland disrupted airlines for months. Travellers were stuck in transit or waiting to depart. Cost of disruptions were estimated at $1.7 billion (Associated Press).

  • Heart attack in Australia, Brian and his wife had travelled to Noosa, Gold Coast to stay in a time-share resort for two weeks. While staying there he suffered a heart attack and was admitted to hospital and was not expected to live. His daughters flew over to be with him and it was 'touch and go' for one week but Brian pulled through. He was hospitalised for a further 4 weeks before being able to fly home to New Zealand. He required a doctor escort and an upgrade to business class. The travel insurance policy also covered his wife's additional accommodation costs and meals etc while he has hospitalised. Total cost $20,000.

  • Motor vehicle accident in the United States, Richard and Sandra were travelling to a conference in the USA. They were involved in a traffic accident when another driver ran a red light while talking on his cell phone. The clients were rushed to hospital. Richard suffered a broken ankle and concussion; he required immediate surgery to insert a plate in to his ankle. Sandra broke her legs, suffered head injuries and severe bruising. She was in Intensive care for 3 days and required 3 operations. She then developed an infection in the titanium rod inserted in her leg and was readmitted to hospital and required further surgery to save her leg. She was hospitalised for a further two weeks and required a Business class upgrade to travel home. Total cost $340,000 covered by travel insurance.

Corporate Travel Insurance

Do you or your employees travel for business?

If so then you need to get adequate cover. Many travel insurance policies exclude cover whilst you are engaged in a commercial activity. Let PIC Insurance Brokers help you source the correct cover to help protect your employees and business assets.


Specialist Travel Insurance

Pro Sports / High Risk Activities

Professional sports and high risk activities (e.g. off-piste skiing, mountain climbing, competitive rodeo, blue water sailing to name a few) are often excluded from standard travel insurance policies.

If you are intending to do something more adventurous than standard tourist activities, or you are a professional sportsperson competing overseas we can provide a sports travel insurance policy tailored specifically to meet your requirements.

* does not include motor sports
** medical conditions may be assessed and approved in conjunction with the insurers; cover is not automatic

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